Litigation & Disputes

You're trained to apply the law to the facts, but without sufficient details even the strongest suspicions can't defeat a motion to dismiss.  The Klein Group helps litigators bridge the knowledge gap between initial concern and discovery, and can act as an outsourced research staff throughout litigation.  Our typical work includes:

  • Backgrounding opposing parties
  • Testing key factual claims
  • Identifying and locating critical witnesses
  • Proving undisclosed connections and conflicts of interest
  • Piercing the corporate veil
  • Tracing assets prior to litigation or post-judgment
  • Complex service of process

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Due diligence & background checking

Your money and good name are on the line whenever you make a deal.  We conduct thorough background checks to assess the honesty, loyalty and reputation risks associated with individuals and companies.  Our searches cover:

  • Civil and criminal litigation
  • Adverse press and social media
  • Regulatory violations
  • Undisclosed affiliations and conflicts of interest
  • Verification of degrees and employment history
  • Discreet reference checks

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social media & private concerns

The Klein Group is the go-to private investigations firm for law firms and private clients seeking to resolve sensitive matters involving social media -- including revenge porn, cyber-stalking, sextortion and catfishing.  We use both advanced internet tools and old-fashioned sleuthing to identify online harassers, confirm identities, and resolve disputes.   Confidentiality and discretion are our watchwords. 

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