It's Called Due Diligence. 

So Do It.


Most people are good, but when they're bad, they're really bad.  And we've seen it all over the years:  Falsified resumes.  Financial struggles.  Accusations buried in divorce filings.  Even major crimes.  Pre-deal background checks help you confirm that your counterparties are worthy of your trust. 

We offer three standard levels of due diligence services, and can customize our scope for every budget.  


Tier 1:  Preliminary screening

A background check's scope and cost should reflect the relative size of the deal.  Our preliminary searches look for red flags and low-hanging fruit.  We search local criminal and civil court records, conduct social media and press searches for adverse information, and review licensing and regulatory sources.


TIER 2:  enhanced background searches

Our standard background checks go deep into the target's history to develop a profile of their life and business interests -- and to make sure they are worthy of your fiduciary trust.  In addition to our usual press searches, we verify claims on their resume -- including educational and employment history -- search multiple jurisdictions for criminal records and civil lawsuits, locate tax liens and other indications of financial stress, and track down undisclosed corporate affiliations that might be contrary to your interests.



The most honest references come from people the counterparty hasn't provided.  We supplement our enhanced background checks by identifying former employers, colleagues, business partners and relevant industry analysts and journalists who can give an honest assessment.  You can choose to contact the potential references, or we can make discreet inquiries on your behalf.