We're Part of Your

Litigation Team


Founded and led by an attorney, we integrate seamlessly with your colleagues, paralegals and legal services providers.  From the beginning of a lawsuit, through discovery, trial and judgment, we provide critical fact-gathering services that let you focus on developing the appropriate legal strategy.  


pre-dispute services

Whether you're hoping to obtain a significant judgment or leverage a nuisance settlement, the sooner you establish the facts the quicker you can settle on the best strategy to serve your client's interest.  The Klein Group help litigators and in-house counsel understand pending disputes, resolve suspicions and develop adverse material to press an early advantage. 

And while we thrive on complexity, we supplement our substantive work with key litigation support services that keep the ball moving forward.  Our ancillary services include:

  • Challenging service-of-process and skip tracing
  • Identifying, locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Surveillance
  • Preliminary asset searches

ongoing litigation

When it's time to fight, your client expects you to win.  The Klein Group specializes in finding the kind of facts -- inconsistencies in an opponent's case, or undisclosed connections between a mediator and a key witness -- that can quickly turn turn the tables.  Our work includes:

  • Testing factual claims
  • Background checks on parties, witnesses and judges/mediators
  • Relationship mapping
  • Supporting Daubert challenges

post-dispute investigations

Winning a judgment or favorable settlement is great, but the victory is short-lived if your opponent successfully hides their assets.  We identify undisclosed investments, shell companies, trusts, improper transfers and other methods of hiding wealth.  Or we might pierce the corporate veil to show that your client has alternative avenues to pursue a judgment.  Additional post-dispute services include:

  • Fact-checking jury questionnaires and voir dire
  • Supporting debtor's examinations
  • Locating interested parties